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FUSION custom

(1 customer review)

950 $

Warranty: 1 Year

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1 review for FUSION custom

  1. Howard Olsen (verified owner)

    An Amazing Set Of IEMs -These Fusions have got it all. They have the widest sound-stage of any in ear in my collection and I find them very incredibly satisfying. They are very balanced moving from Bass to Mid to Treble with nicely textured, deep controlled bass and sub bass without overpowering any other frequency. The transition from bass to mids sounds very natural with vocals just floating right in the middle of the stage and not too forward nor recessed … just right and incredible clarity and detail coming from that magnetostactic. I’ll let them burn in for a few days and I’m not sure how that will impact the Magnetoscatic in there but will likely open up the dynamic a bit. But right out of the box into the first few minutes of listening, they are wide, deep, crystal clear and full. I’m extremely happy with the Fusions and I can see many hours and MANY flights with these. The isolation is very good, the sound incredible across the spectrum, they fit like a glove (and I’ve got the universals) and they look great. Great job Kien and team, thank you for an incredible set of in ear monitors

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