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Before you do better, do it right. R3 gives you the full ability to experience all the sound included in your favorite records, no more, no less.

R3 proves to be an extremely versatile monitor with 3 Balanced Armature drivers, each configured and tuned individually to recreate flat, pristine sound of any instruments or vocal tones.  Mids are crystal clear, smooth and defined as they always should be. The bass response is well controlled, delivered without redundant signals stickiness and never overpowering, maximizing the recreation of the authentic bass sound of any records. And R3’s capability to release rich, crispy treble and beautiful extention drives you through the sound world seamlessly. R3 is jút perfect for mixers, producers, band players or anyone who prefers critical & non-fatigue listening. Be prepared, be awed.

We accept both physical and digital ear impressions (3D). To send in your ear impressions, please contact us here.

And everything you need, delivered with your new R3

Full accessories include:

1 x ITSFIT R3 Protective Case 
1 x Cleaning Tool 
5 x 2 Silicon Eartips 
1 x 48″ Detachable Premium Silver Cable  
1 x Soft cloth
1 x Soft portable bag
1 x Product Manual
1 x Warranty note
1 x Promotion Code (may vary)


This product is proudly made of reputable Vietnamese craftmanship.

Our country has always been known for traditional handcraft of world-class quality. We just absolutely believe in the beauty created by human hands.
Consult our artisans to get a truely exclusive, fantastic, 100% handmade look for your R3
or start customizing now