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The fitter the better, always. Custom in-ear monitors will hug your ears perfectly, reducing noise to minimal level and help you feel every musical details as well as fuller soundstage. More space on your ears also means more space for drivers, CIEMs’ developing process thus often involves more researches and as a result leads to its overall high-end sound quality. A CIEM’s shells will also heat up to your body temperature level after a short time of listening, making you completely forget the feeling of wearing earphones.


Decide your preferred model

We currently allow pre-order for R3 and Fusion.

R3 is a versatile monitor that is suitable for people who work with mixing, want to hear their instruments clearly during gigs or rehearsal sessions, or simply love music and want to start their Custom journey with a real good monitor. Fusion caters professionals, artists, mix&master technicians and audiophiles who have the most critical listening requirement.

Customize your products

You can currently customize R3 here
You can choose your favorite color and basic/premium design or upload your own design for one or both faceplate sides. We currently provide 3 exclusive designs, which you can find under our left menu tab “Heritage Design”.
Please chat with our support team to be further consulted on how to make your dream custom design.

Send out your ear impressions

We strongly advice you to visit a certified audiologist to practice proper and safe ear impression taking process. If you are in Hanoi, please visit us at our lab and we’ll be more than happy to help you.
After taking ear impressions, please send them with your order confirmation in a firm container to our lab address so we can start working on your order : 

Itsfit Lab
Hanoi Creative City
1 Luong Yen
Hanoi 100000

Kien Nguyen

It’s all about experience and journey when you purchase CIEMs. Might take a bit long, but what you receive is worth all the effort!